If you have ever dreamt of racing then you have probably dreamt of some of the epic races in this world. Isle of Man for those of you in the street bike world, Pikes peak for the epic competition against mother nature and probably the SCORE international Baja 1000 for the most incredible race that you can imagine. We have had that dream too and we are excited to announce that we will be racing the Baja 1000.


We have built cars, usually not knowing what we are getting into or what we are doing. but we have a lot of skill, a lot of people to fall back on and well, not really any cash. We’ll figure it out, but there is a lot to do in the mean time. In the past we have competed in the Red Bull Soapbox races, building from scratch vehicles that have blown the minds of competitors, friends and people all over the world who have followed our builds online. These cars come from our desire to race, to build and to simply make an awesome vehicle. We have built rally cars, worked on our own cars and built many other things from furniture to custom car parts.


Our team consists of Car guys, designers, machinists, welders, photographers, videographers, Graphic designers, industrial designers, marketing professionals, mechanics and more. Our crew of jack of all trades guys have proven themselves time and time again in their ability to create amazing solutions to complicated problems. Definitely visit our “meet the team” category to get to know the guys that are making this happen!

Bringing it home

There are a lot of people who come up with these types of plans but one of our biggest strengths is our ability to plan these things and follow through with them. Our guys are ready to go, we have been shopping for a car and we have waded through a lot of rusty cars, lots of junk really. We did come across something that we felt was worth while. So we went down, we checked the car over completely and we fired it up! This is a crazy step in and of itself! All of the vehicles we had looked at before did not run, move or even look like they had hope of moving. So we bought it… Yes we own a car that will become our Baja 1000 Race car.

Bringing it home
Bringing it home

This is going to be a Class 11 car built to remain mostly stock with full fenders. We will have a lot of updates to come soon, but for now check out our “bringing it home” video…

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4 thoughts on “Webisode #1: Bringing it home!

  1. First person to say “go big or go home”, gets punched in the nose! This is a VW Beetle we’re talking about!

  2. Good Luck on the build. Everything you will need to know is posted the wwwclass11coalation.com site.
    Jeff Lee
    Team Manager Animal Plant/Petfinder.com #1106
    Moderator Class 11 Coalition

    1. Jeff,
      Thanks for the comment. We are pretty excited about the build as it is just getting started and have a ton of research to do still. Class11coalition has been a bit of a challenge to register for but we have been on there a lot reading the threads and learning what we can. We’d love any insight you can provide as well if you don’t mind us picking your brain.

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