Tonight we aimed to finish up a project that was started a couple if weeks ago, namely cutting out the middle bits of the front axle beam, rotating them 9/16″, and welding them back in. As one of the lesser mechanically inclined of the team, the other guys had to reassure me several times that the welded pieces would be just as strong and that front end of our race car wasn’t going to explode, driving my teeth straight in to the dash.

The fact they ALSO said we’d need to prep at least two OTHER front axle beams dis not help their case, but I did my best to let it go.

At any rate, we had a couple of setbacks (such as getting the band saw blade stuck in the inside of the piece we were trying to cut out) but for the most part it went smoothly. And now our front suspension should sit up higher and let us get the tires we want on there.

I snapped a couple pics with my cell phone, but there will be plenty more on our Flickr stream soon enough.

Cleaning up our welding area…

Matt W. laying down a weld while I snap a pic over the shoulder style…

EDIT: Yup, Flickr photos have arrived!


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  1. And please, if I got any terminology wrong let me know and I’ll correct it. Like I said, I’m not the most mechanically inclined on the team. ;)

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