Yeah, it’s just a little bug, but it still gets the King Kong treatment! When you build a class 11 you have to modify the suspension in a certain way. That certain way means that you really can only do a bit, no massive upgrades, no coil overs and all that. You still have to use the stock style springs. So in order to do that we have to install a few things and modify a few things to get this thing lifted up enough to accept a big tire and maximize the travel. That is where our favorite ape comes in. King Kong!

The King Kong adjuster basically allows you to raise or lower the rear of the car with the twist of a bolt. This however means cutting apart the back of the car and welding in this new part. It is a bit of a project really, and it has to be done right because the last thing you want is the back half of the car falling off! So why not just dig in right?!


Lots of discussion about the best plan of action went round and round then the first cuts into the frame horn were made. Cutting out the center of the rear torsion tubes is the first step. So that is what we did. The guys made quick work of the torsion tubes.




While we are working on the King Kong adjuster we are also welding up our rear trailing arms. We have gussets that we are welding up. They were provided by Nectar Labs and during the last update I think we mentioned that we were just tacking them up. This week we finished up all the welding. Not quite as pretty as Trent from Nectar can do, but solid as a rock and ready for action.



With the trailing arms all welded up we are getting a bit closer to being able to assemble the suspension and put it on the ground again. We can’t wait to see the new stance! Soon we will be working on the cage and hopefully making some progress on the suspension setup.