After landing in San Francisco I headed straight down to meet up with Jim from Desert Dingo Racing. The Desert Dingos have been just awesome and have just offered up the world to us as we have started this journey. We know we don’t know everything and a huge part of this project is learning everything we need to learn in order to make this thing successful.

When I arrived I met Jim, his wife Roxanne and Crusty, the head mechanic. They just rolled out the red carpet and let me poke around their car they told me their secrets and many of the things they have learned over the last few years of racing.

Throughout the conversation we walked away with a ton of information and I am going to be honest… I will be headed back at some point. I think it may have been too much to process.

Are you building a Class 11 car? Want to know the cliff notes? Ok, here it goes.

  • Build it durable, light isn’t important
  • Reinforce the rear bumper, under the bumper skin. Class 11 is a no nerf class… but that doesn’t mean you won’t get nerfed
  • TRANSMISSION- There is a secret formula of Trans Cases, gears etc. Build a good race transmission based on the formula and keep some spares around too.
  • Logistics- Wow, I don’t even know where to start, but organization is everything for racing, we’ll go over this a bit more in the future as we develop our own plan.
  • Look at everything on the car with a thought for “what COULD possibly go wrong”

Yeah, that is pretty general so if you want some details on a class 11 built. Check out these photos!

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