Wow, we have been just having problem after problem with the site. It has been quite frustrating and we have to apologize to you guys as well for any of this silly Malware stuff as well.

Here’s what is going on. Turns out that there are some plugin’s for WordPress that are just not quite as secure as they could be. We seem to be making our way through quite a few of them and they have been infecting our site!

It is quite a pain and each time we have had an issue we have torn apart the code, found the problem and remedied the situation. Evan has been putting in overtime on this task and I am hoping that we have it all sorted out. If we don’t… well in a week Evan and I are sitting down and doing a thorough inventory of the files on our site and a complete investigation of the plugins we are using and whether there are any known bugs. (no pun intended ;) )

Anyhow, I just want to give our visitors and update and make sure you know we are on top of this! Thanks for following along!