We have been waiting for our parts to finish up for our trans mount and in the mean time we are doing our best to locate some more parts that are needed for our cage. There is so much research to be done in order to select suspension, torsion tubes, springs, spring plates. Then of course there are shocks. Again the Class 11 family has guided us through a lot of things. Our favorite place to lurk online is www.class11coalition.com. We have learned a ton through this site and also through our friendships we have made through other teams.

This week while waiting for the Trans mount to finish being cut we took a few minutes to go over the bug and do some final welding on some of our mounts. The Rods for our hook and rod stop kit were finished up and our floors were finished welding as well.


With that part finished we just need this trans mount in order to button up the rest of the build. Hopefully we can get that asap then we can get this thing welded up, boxed in and assembled for the cage shop. I can’t wait to get this thing up to Built by Bones to do our cage work!



In the mean time we are back to research. Lots of research to figure out exactly the parts to get and exactly the problems to watch out for. We are also planning the cage. Matt W has been doing a lot of figuring in this area and we are checking the rules and, well, checking them twice. With a good cage idea in place, suspension components planned out, a tank selected, spare tire locations selected and more we are getting very close to the exciting step of installing a cage. That is just going to make it feel like a real race car… finally! All this gets to happen during the Holidays. Nothing like adding another thing to your holiday season! We’ll be checking back with more info as soon as we can! I am looking forward to sharing this trans mount with you guys once we get it set up.