Some things you just can’t find off the shelf and well the trans mount to use with our King Kong is something we had to make. We are fortunate to have quite a few Class 11 teams giving us info and one of them is headed up by Kenyon. He shot us a link to his build and one of the images he had included pictures of their trans mount. They had a simple design and it made sense to us. We were originally going to copy it directly but, well we thought we may be able to make it a bit cheaper. So we modeled the part as an aluminum part then switched it over to a flat pack steel part.

Baja Solid trans mount

Front View trans mount

Trans Mount

After Focused Light cut all the parts out and we machined out the center tube there was just a quick bit of welding and it is all together.

Trans Mount


The final step will happen this weekend and that is to pour the liquid urethane in order to make our bushings. Once this is finished we will be able to weld everything up to the car and get the trans install complete and ready for the cage shop.

We have two of these that we are making and it is easily repeatable so we will make sure that every trans we have will have this on there already. This will bring our replacement time down and reduce our number of bolts from 3 to 1 when doing a trans swap.

Thanks for following along! We’ll have more info up about our cage very soon.