The magical mystery of building just about anything is the urgency that needs to happen at times that is often dashed by late parts or no parts at all. We have been twiddling our thumbs recently waiting for some new parts to arrive and we can not wait to get them!

In the mean time we have been doing a few odds and ends along the way. To start we had to get the car back to our shop. Of course, as soon as this all started… it snowed.

Pickin' Up 1137

Built by Bones is located in what may actually be a skating rink at times! It’s parking lot is shaded a lot of the time so backing a trailer down the unplowed driveway with ice underneath was quite the challenge. Eventually we shoveled, we moved and we finally got it all loaded up!

Pickin' up 1137

So then what? Well, we had a few quick things to do. To start we have a few more rust spots to finish up. We measured, we drew up diagrams and now Matt F is headed to the sheet metal shop to make a few patches to finish up our patchwork. In the mean time… well. Why not preload the suspension! Yes! Finally we get a chance to see this thing at a more legit stance!



Finally, we have been doing a lot of other stuff. Working on our Rally account is #1. Rally is a way for anyone to help us out. We have had a lot of questions from people that are asking us “HOW CAN I HELP!” (Yes, they yelled) so we figured out this rally stuff. As a normal person you can log on, sign up and donate. You can donate $5, you can donate $100. You can donate whatever you want! Anyone who donates will get their name on the car. It may be inside, or it may be outside, but it will be on the car to ride along with us in Baja! Check out this link for more info.

Project Baja’s Rally

We’ve also been working on more Sponsor programs as well as a few secret projects… Yes, we are really hoping to have some really… REALLY big news for you soon! Keep checking back and we will have some more updates very soon.