There are few things more disappointing than having to redo something that you thought you had already finished. We are fairly used to it on smaller scale items however. When we do something we often will go through several ideas before we discover the best idea to make the best solution to whatever problem we are working on. However when we make a mistake and have to actually redo it… well it is a bit of a tough pill to swallow.

This time we did, what many teams do, we got ahead of ourselves. Yes, when we started building the cage we were still waiting on seats, we were still waiting on a spare tire and we were still waiting on shocks. So what did we do? Well, we used a race seat we had laying around. Of course, how could that possibly go wrong?! Well it did. The seat we were using was substantially shorter and thinner than the seats we are using. When our fancy and extremely comfortable new MasterCraft Pro seats came in we popped them in the car and had a realization… The main hoop was too close to the steering wheel. How much? 4 inches. 4 inches is a huge problem for a long mile race, it is probably much easier to deal with during a short race, but 1000 miles?!

So we committed to cutting. Yes, we actually took the saws-most to the cage and with tears in our eyes we redid a good portion of our cage. The nice thing about this is that it gave us an opportunity to adjust some ideas and clean up our design. The bad thing… well we had to redo our cage!

Evan and Josh headed up to Built by bones with shocks and seats with them. In two days side hoops were re made. The roof bars, the rear hoop, rocker bars and more all were made and loaded up to head back to the shop.




With the parts we have ready to go we will do final fitment, welding and then.. finally, we will fit up the rear shocks. This is a bit tricky, there are a lot of designs out there but we have done our research and we are hoping to have this all buttoned up in the next week and a half.

We’d like to say a BIG thanks again to our friends who have helped out. Wade Dollar and Yves Braun for transport and of course Built by Bones for all the pro cage assistance! We’ll be back at it this week and hopefully we’ll be cruising along quickly now!