If you are on twitter you probably know Emme, she is on there pretty much every day, pretty much every minute and she has a lot to talk about. You can keep an eye on her twitter feed @mmmotorsports. Emme races a buggy in various desert races, she drives the Desert Dingo Class 11 car at times as well and can be found on RoadFly TV talking about new cars and providing the critical (and patented) laundry basket rating for every car she drives.

So when Emme said “hey, I am driving from DC to California”, we said “Stop on by!” She took us up on that offer… and brought cookies.


Emme was a bit hesitant to “make fire” or to even admit that there is a tool called a “Nibbler” but she warmed up to it and eventually made sparks with the plasma cutter, welded a bit and even bolted up most of our front beam. She got her hands dirty right away and was ready to try and rebuild a carb before we even had a carb rebuild kit for it!



Of course… it’s Emme, she has a lot to say, not all of it makes sense, but hey, I think this picture says it all really.


Of course Evan and Emme got along just fine


We had a great time Emme, thanks for visiting! Oh and we’re glad you got to see the Pikes Peak Hill Climb EVO as well!