There is a saying, If it wasn’t for the last minute nothing would ever get done! Well, it is always incredible how you can pack so much into those last minutes.

So what all have we been packing into the last few minutes? Well lets start with the problems! Getting parts! You would think this would be an easy parts. Especially when you are simply ordering parts from people who’s job is to sell it! Unfortunately we keep receiving orders that have a variety of mistakes that all create problems. How about 2 different types of stub axles? Maybe Ball joints that won’t hold up? How about shipping delays that take up 3 weeks to find all this out? Just look at this pile of stuff that has to be sent back! And just think, this is only part of it!



So with delays based on parts we have found some more reliable distribution. Fortunately the Green Booger team also distributes some parts. We got our hands on some new German ball joints through them and we expect that stuff here early this week. We have more parts coming from a local source and we are hoping 23deluxe will become a good ally of ours!

So what else is packing into these last minutes? Lets talk about the DISTRACTIONS! Yes, there are always distractions and for some reason they always come up at the darndest times. The first distraction? Moving! Yes, our Landlord at our workshop space offered us up a new, larger unit. It is really tough to pass up a nice upgrade for a minimal cost upgrade so we had to say yes. In saying yes however we knew that we were going to have to move and moving was going to have to be fast and efficient. Our old space was 800 sq ft and it was a great space that we had been in for a bit over 2 years. However the new space is 900 sq ft. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is also a bit taller. With the added height we knew we could actually make the space a lot more efficient so we took it and we made some fast preparations.




The move was hot, I mean, really hot. The week of the move was setting records for the hottest days in history, also it was setting records for the hottest consecutive days. At the moment of the move it was 108 degrees in the parking lot and 90 degrees inside. The humidity was in the single digits so you just had to keep drinking water even though you didn’t realize you were sweating. After 3 days of moving we got everything in. Our new pallet racks add 300 sq ft of storage to the unit and open up a ton of floor space. Check out a shot from our last shop space.


It sure feels a lot different in the new space!

What other distractions have we had? Well Pikes Peak International hill climb? That sure seems like a strange distraction for a baja team, I have spent a lot of time helping the RaceKern team in prepping their cars and this year was no different. Well, ok, maybe a little different, rather that 2,3 and 4 days a week working on their car I was helping 1 day a week. But it is a lot to add to a schedule and the work is all in a non insulated tin building!


The nights are late, they are really late and the project? Well, the goal is to lose as much weight as possible on the car and the next step was to cut off all the body panels. ALL?! yes, all. The entire body is now carbon and the amount of work is absolutely incredible.





As the car “finished” up the next distraction came about.. FIRE. Wow, Colorado has been under siege this year and we can’t believe what we are seeing. The fires have been popping up everywhere. I walked out of my work one day and saw some of the most intense lightning I have ever seen and fires began shortly afterward. Check out this view from my work.

Smoke has been engulfing the front range and worry has been pretty common especially as the photos emerged from Colorado Springs. Those images were apocalyptic and I could barely believe my eyes as I saw them.

This fire has consumed over 350 homes and thousands of acres of wilderness. The fires individually are setting records for the largest and most destructive fires in Colorados recorded history.


We have to say thanks to the Firefighters who are spending the hottest days that Colorado has seen, ever, in full gear, hiking through the wilderness in proximity to extreme fire conditions in order to keep our community safe. If you have some time, take a look at these ways to support

  • Wild Fire Tees-
  • Euroberge Magazine-
  • The Denver Post- They have a good list of information for assisting
  • Well, with all of these things going on we are still cranking away on the car and we are hoping to make some good progress and get this thing driving asap. If you would like to support our build take a look to the right and click on the Rally Link. We’ll put your name on the car!

    How about a little smile from the shop till next time?