It only took two cyclists to create modern aviation, you’d think that 4 of us would be able to build a car a bit quicker right?

We have a ton to do, but of course, in the laws of nature and the ways of the world everything else seems to be happening at the same time. What else could possibly be important at a time like this? Well, we are moving to a new workshop. Oh for the love of god, why would you do something like that now!? We have been offered a great deal on a larger space and it is tough to pass that kind of thing up. Unfortunately that great deal is available for only a short period of time and we have to act now! So, yes, in the next few weeks we will be moving from our space to a new space, which is a ton of work… Quite literally A TON.


Commitments with other teams are also at a roaring pace! With composite work for the evo nearly complete and testing soon to begin, Josh has had his hands full most nights of the week between Project Baja and the Pikes Peak international Hill Climb build of Dave and Allison Kern. This is something he has done for a few years now and each year the project gets more ambitious. This year the car is going from a mostly steel body to a full composite body and believe it or not. That is a PILE of work.




We have been pushing hard to contact many companies to acquire a bit more cash to try to make this process a bit easier to manage as well, the time invested in that is immense, but it will hopefully pay off very soon. Trying to fit in phone calls and emails to companies for support while working full time is quite tricky really. If only we had more hours in the day!

We have been cranking along on the build as well however. Piles of work have been accomplished and much of it seems like small tasks. While we wait for orders of parts we have been fabricating and preparing. Our engine is on order, it should be ready soon and in preparation we have been cleaning painting and refurbishing all the tins that go on the engine. We’re cleaning carburetors and rebuilding those as well. In addition we are continuing fabrication on the car with finish welding, tank mounting, dash fabrication and more.





We have some big orders arriving soon and with those orders we will be able to finish all the assembly to have this car rolling on the ground by itself. Spring plates, ball joints, race springs and more will all be here ready to go. We can’t wait to get past this hurtle!

Check back soon for more updates and if you want to help us with the project, get your name on the car by clicking the Rally Link on the right of the screen and throw a few bucks toward the project, every little bit helps!

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    1. Hey Mark, Thanks! We’re pushing on. Last night we fired up the Pikes Peak Hill Climb car and I have to say it put a bit of motivation into me to get this bug running even faster. Hopefully we’ll be driving it around soon!

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