During the moments of insanity when things were looking bleak then suddenly we got the Dingo’s car back on the road. One of our team members stayed behind. Wow, how lonely… But he is a productive guy and at one moment just as we received news that we may not be able to go forward with the race we got a text message with a photograph. Yes, our car had paint, and wow does it look good!


Seriously, that photo just brightened everyones day. As the Project Baja guys we were like proud papa’s running around showing everyone our new paint job and the dingo’s and their crew were just psyched to see a good lookin’ car.

The paint is all Rustoleum that we bought from home depot. we have about $16 invested in the paint job and I couldn’t be happier!

In addition to the paint we have parts, wow do we have parts.




Parts are now coming from our Class 11 friends as we mentioned before and also from our local source: 23Deluxe.

We actually have most of the parts to assemble the car now. Well, at least we think we do. There is always something you are forgetting. But we are making a big push to get through this weekend. Our car should have the final cage work all in place this weekend and when that happens we will be happy campers!

We’re putting our nose to the grindstone so check back soon for more images… in the mean time, check out some more pictures of the car…



2 thoughts on “Paint? Parts? What’s going on around here!?

  1. Hey guys….whats the latest news….havent heard alot about the build in forever…I hope all is well !!!?

    1. Hi Ken,
      The car is running and we have been doing a bit of engine break in. The few odds and ends that are left should be done after the holidays and we will be ready to race. We are making plans for this coming year as soon as the car has been tested. We really can’t wait to get this thing on the dirt!

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