Our build has been a bit tough to define recently. One of the things we learned is that we should have really started ordering parts earlier. We assumed that we would be able to just buy those parts as we needed them and unfortunately it has been a bit more challenging than that!

So what have we been up too at Project Baja? Well we have a transmission sent out to Scott Sebastian who is working his magic and making us a solid Class 11 transmission. With that going on we also got our hands on another transmission that we found for too good a deal to pass up.


This one will be sent on over to scott at some point in the near future as well, because you can’t just have one of anything in Class 11, this is a parts game at best!

We have also been juggling parts. It is almost like a circus act. We have had a lot of parts arrive that we weren’t hoping to receive. So we have been sending back the incorrect parts, we have been exchanging them for correct parts and unfortunately that isn’t very exciting to show in our build log, but, building a race car isn’t always exciting. It has been quite frustrating but we have found a good source locally who has started to work with us in order to make parts happen.


We originally received some inexpensive ball joints and tie rod ends in the mail that we didn’t want to use. So we did the best thing we could figure to do. We called up another class 11 team and they set us up with the proper stuff. The Green Booger team is based out of California and their business is VW parts. A couple nice sets of German ball joints have just arrived and we are psyched to get our front ends assembled!


In the mean time, as we waited for parts we spent a day sanding the car then putting some primer on the thing. You have to keep in mind we are a bunch of designers ultimately so it has to look good too…




Finally, we have just now picked up our longblock. On man it is nice to have a race motor ready to go. Well, ready is maybe a bit of a stretch, but we are close. So what is up with the motor. We have two, by the way, we will likely build both out in the end, but to start we are going with this dual port. Yes, you heard me, dual port. We dropped off the motor at Painters Grinding and had it balanced, sand sealed and machined for full flow aka, plumbed for our oil cooler. There are a pile of other things we have done to this motor, but we don’t want to bore you with the details. Our motor is back now and we are doing the final assembly. Once the motor is back together we will then take it on back and it will be run on the flow bench. After the break in process we will have a motor that we can just drop in the car.

Nothing quite as amazing as picking up your race motor with a Passat then still having enough room to stuff the trunk with a pile of parts and carry a few passengers!


Here is the motor on the floor of the shop when we were picking it up.



So what’s next? Well first off we need to finish assembly of the motor and do that quick. With the motor assembled and completed we will get that thing over to Painters to get back on the flow bench and get this thing going. Then we will be putting a few tubes in place to complete our cage. Next we will be assembling. We will have the front end assembled very soon, the car should be sitting on its own suspension very soon as well and with that we will be doing final assembly.

You know what else we will be doing more of? Taking Photos. Sorry for the lack of photos recently we have been so swamped with the build that concentrating on photos is very difficult!

Thanks for following along!