Well, if you know anything about Project Baja, it is that this team is made up of a diverse group. With many different interests you know there are going to be some other events on the road to Baja. Well, each year I have headed up to Pikes Peak. Over the years I have shot the race for magazines and I have shot it simply for competitors. Recently I have been taking some extra time and strapping cameras on the cars of what I like to call the “Overachieving Underdogs.” These are teams, and of course they are friends as well, who tend to make waves on much smaller budgets with very little outside support. I like giving these teams a bit of coverage to show all their hard work to the world.

This year Pikes Peak was delayed. Fires were ravaging the landscape all around the mountain. Many competitors were watching their TV in horror and many more were watching as homes around theirs burned to the ground. It was a crazy thing to watch as fire rose over the hillsides and descended on the outskirts of Colorado Springs. This delay also created chaos in scheduling. International teams were scrambling to figure out how to ship vehicles to the USA on different schedules. They were trying to work out their own season race schedules to see how they could make this new date work. Many couldn’t and the race is down to 90 cars because of that complication.

Only about 2 weeks ago I received a call from Valentin Ivanitski saying his normal codriver wasn’t able to make the new date. He asked if I would take charge of codriving. I immediately said yes, then I said, WHOA, Wait a minute, I need to make sure that I can afford this and make it happen. Of course, inside I was saying yes still. After sorting out the details, I was able to actually say yes with complete certainty.

Val will be driving an Audi A4, in it he has wedged an Audi 4.2L V8. He calls it an Audi A4.2. This is his second year racing Pikes Peak and I am excited to be able to navigate for him.

I am excited to be a part of this race this year. I feel as though I have experienced every part of this race besides the in car portion and I am glad to be able to have this experience! Project Baja is proudly featured on the car as well and you are welcome to follow along at these links

Pikes Peak’s Website
Fingers Crossed Racing