Well the time is here and we may not have made it to the show this year but we will be there next year. In the mean time, that doesn’t mean you can’t follow the race! So how do you follow the Baja 1000? Well, there are a few ways to do it. First, There is the video feed.

Watch live streaming video from racedezertcom at livestream.com

This is often pretty limited so you need to be watching at the right time to see your favorite cars go off the line.

The next thing is to open up the tracking map. This is a GPS locator for all the vehicles on the course. Take a look, you can sort by class or vehicle number in order to be able to follow along with your favorite drivers or classes. (we know you’ll be watching the Class 11’s)

Link to the Satellite Tracking map

In addition you can follow the Weatherman. This is where you get some great updates from the course in the voice of the drivers.

You can also follow live updates at DirtNewz Here

You can Join the discussion on Race Dezert Here

And of course, as always the world of social media is a wonderful place and You can follow the twitter hashtag #baja1000 Here

Of course if you want even more information you can check out Race-Dezerts website here where the leaderboards are displayed as well as most of the tracking abilities as well. They will also put up some videos along the way also. This is probably the best link to check out for all of the primary updates.

We will be following along and we’ll try to post a few updates along the way as well. Enjoy the race and may the bess 11 cross the finish line! (we’re routing for Mark Murrell #1149 he’s a Colorado guy and a friend at Fire Guys Racing, we’re also cheering for Eric Solarzano, he’s been a great help and friend to the team!)

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  1. It appears that the 11’s have made it just about half way through the race (500 miles out of 1120 miles. The trophy Trucks are only about 40 miles from the finish and the sun is rising on the peninsula. So far they have raced for 20 grueling hours and They still easily have 20 more to go! All the 11’s are still moving though it appears that some have had some issues along the way. There are still two 11’s within 3 miles of each other, battling it out!

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