Whew! It’s been a long time since our last post – almost 6 months! We’ve been plenty busy.

We completed much of the little odds and ends, which seem endless: roll cage gussets, seat hardware, safety wire, painting, brake adjustments, sealing oil lines, electrical goodies, shifter, body modifications, mirrors, dash – a little bit of everything. But most importantly, it’s not a race car without GRAPHICS!


Our very own Evan Chute pulled through with awesome Colorado flag theme stripes and beautiful faux-mahogany dash wrap.



Next, we figure it’s been a long, slow build – we might as well actually drive it… After fixing the flat tire and severe oil leak from driving it in the parking lot, we were ready for our first test day at Colorado Off Road Extreme park out in Deer Trail, Colorado.

It was our goal to put the car through it’s paces as well as exercise the suspension. The new torsion bars and torsion leaves need to take a ‘set’. Once the springs are broken-in we can start tuning the suspension. First test day was a success. Only a few minor things broke/fell off – tires got a little cut, fenders detached and a tail pipe tip found it’s home in the dirt. Matt Fisher and Evan were quick thinkers and limped 1137 back to the pits, with a spare v-belt holding up the front left fender.

The 1584cc engine has plenty of power and runs strong. It’s much faster than we thought it would be.

10271434_10152452546509579_4441336977587452698_o 10014788_10152448135059579_5539462069350594116_o


Before we got too many battle scars, we decided to show off a little bit at VW’s on the Green in Littleton, Colorado. We met lots of friendly faces and lots of interested people. You just don’t see Class 11’s in Colorado. It truly stood out as one-of-a-kind.



What’s next you’re wondering? We are planning and prepping for a 100 mile shake-down race at CORE June 22nd. We hope to get a good feel for the car, as well as driving with other vehicles, dust, noise, confusion, pits, radios, etc. We hope to see you there! Only $10 admission for spectators.