It is tough business being in Colorado and deciding to race offroad. We are a big tow away from the scene. It gets even more tricky when it comes to rules compliance and cage approval. Do you tow the car all the way to Mexico and assume you will pass or do you take action and make sure you have everything approved, certified etc well in advance to avoid any last minute fiascos… We don’t like fiascos so we decided to fly Art Savedra out to inspect our cage.

Art is a great guy and a man with a ton of information, if you ask him a question he has someone on the phone in 2 minutes that is the authority in that question. It is pretty much incredible. We were specifically impressed with how thorough the inspection was. Electro Magnets, ultra sound and years of experience went into making sure our car was safe. When the dust settled we got a thumbs up and the additional encouragement with Art saying that our car was one of the nicest builds he has ever seen for a class 11. After a few years of work… that really feels good.

The added benefit of flying Art out was that he introduced us to Kristen and Erin Flaherty who are involved with BFG pits and also have tons of experience in Baja. The information and attention they have been giving us has been invaluable since and we can’t thank them enough for their help!

We have also gotten our Rugged Radios intercom and radio set up in the car. Wheew, Another hurtle covered.