With race day fast approaching, if you’re interested in following along with the race, check out the links below. We go off the start line on Thursday, Nov. 13th sometime after 12:30pm PST with a 49 hour time limit to complete the 1,275 mile off-road desert race course that is the 2014 SCORE International Baja 1000. We’ve got a great crew, a solid car, and as complete of a plan as we could come up with so needless to say we are PSYCHED. The “Live Race Tracking” links will have info on how to watch our “dot” on a map—we’ll have a GPS tracker in the car and all the racers will be shown on a Google map interface in real time. We also have a SPOT Tracker in our Chase 3 vehicle that that you can follow as well, link below. Neat! Here’s where all you can catch us on the Internets:

Live Race Tracking:

Live Race Webcasting:
Wednesday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Contingency. Friday, Race Day – Motorcycle/Quad start at 6:00am and Trophy Truck, Class One and 4 wheel Starting at 12:30pm. All will be live webcasted at www.score-international.com and www.dirtlive.com. Check the SCORE website for updates to the broadcast schedule.

Project Baja Social Media (as updated as we can):

Also look for the hashtag #ProjectBaja on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for personal posts from the race and chase team!

Chase 1 (Raptor) SPOT Tracker Page:

Chase 2 (Explorer) SPOT Tracker Page:

In other news we’ve been plenty here in Ensenada getting ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime. Lots of running around to do, last minute checks on everything, and general making sure our poop is in a group for this race. We’ll leave with a couple of quick photos from the day. Unloading 1137 to get the race transponder installed:


1137 and the Canyonero in downtown Ensenada:


Greg from Rugged Radios checking out 1137. He has an 11 car himself, and loves the class. We’re stoked to have those guys in our corner!