Final prep and pack continues here at the Project Baja camp. We inventoried everything we’re taking, packed up everything except refrigerated food, and put 1137 in the trailer last Saturday evening. Basically, we’re ready for departure on Thursday late morning minus a few small things to wrap up.

A couple other things Joe from J.PAKS worked up for us… Net riveted to the door to create a ‘map pocket’ that will carry miscellaneous small spare parts like clutch cable, throttle cable, gaskets, etc.

Door Netting

Custom roll-top tool bag that fits in the nose of the car, securely ties down, and is removable:

Tool Bag 2

Tool Bag 3

Tool Bag 1

Bag in the Nose

Finally found the extra transmission mount we had welded up a couple-three years ago, and finished it by pouring the urethane into it:

Pouring Urethane

Also got some patches that we’ll iron on to a bunch of clothing, gear, and race suits.

Project Baja Patch

T-minus 3 days to departure for Baja… Getting stoked!