We left Denver on Thursday and made our way to San Diego, taking care to get plenty of nutrition along the way. Double-double and fries, animal style, with a chocolate shake? Check.


Once in San Diego we stayed with the Kristen, Erin, and the good folks of Deen Racing. The whole family off-road races and they’re generosity and wealth of knowledge were beyond words. Plus, their abode in SoCal ain’t a shabby place to spend a couple days… this is where all our team meetings took place:


They also have a well equipped race garage with anything and everything you might need to tune up, repair, or build an off-road race car. They boys in the family campaign a class 10 buggy and it was in the shop, stripped down to bare chassis and getting rebuilt for the next race:

1137 Deen Race Shop

We did some much needed tuning to 1137, getting it properly jetted for sea-level racing and running smooth as butter in your coffee.


We also got a visit from old friends of Matt Fisher who live in the area, they seemed super psyched to check out 1137 and wished us heaps of good luck. Thanks for the burritos guys!


Then on Sunday we attended the BF Goodrich Pit Support Racer Meeting in San Diego. These guys do a TON to support off-road racing, and it is certainly evident in their pit support program. The mapping, course notes, pit amenities and capabilities, communications, and everything else about the program is top notch. We’re super pumped to be part of it, it’s a huge asset to our race strategy.


After the BFG pits meetings we needed to get a SNAFU fixed at the printer with our race book, and it pushed back our schedule to where we’d end up driving through the border crossing at night so we chose to hold off a day and head to Ensenada first thing Monday morning. After an 0530 wakeup call, we put some coffee and some oatmeal down our necks and hit the road for Baja in a 2-up caravan with us and Kris and Erin of BFG Relay 14, piloting the beast of a can known as El Blanco Diamanté…

El Blanco Diamante

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  1. I’m really excited for you guys!!! I’ll be watching all the way from Michigan! Have fun, be safe and shred it!

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