Racing is a long hard day of concentration with big ups and big downs. Pushing on through out the day is a challenge and that is why we do it. Fortunately Offroad racing has turned paperwork and technicalities into a party and that party is called Contingency.

We arrived at Contingency early after a 13 hr drive to Las Vegas from Colorado, and it is a good thing we did. We split up and that too was a great idea. Two from the team went to get the car in line and the other two stood in line at registration. Contingency is a huge party, I mean huge, it is crowds of people who get to interact with Vendors, sponsors, racers promoters and more. If you are a fan of any other sport you are probably jealous of how Contingency is handled in offroad. There are few other sports that allow you to chat with as many heros of the sport in such a direct way as Offroad does. We worked our way through line, sometimes driving and sometimes pushing the car. We signed some autographs, handed out piles of stickers and hero cards too.

Throughout the day we were even interviewed by a few journalists, in fact one article came up nearly immediately. (

Our team at registration was making slow progress and out team manning the car was nearly the same. At some point these two teams would need to switch! But until then we continued on our paths. The highlight of contingency was pulling up on the platform and being interviewed by the one and only Bob Bower. What a great guy!


We approached Tech and flew through with only a little wait for our tracking device. Once Tracking was attached we were on our way to prepare for race day.


Special thanks to:
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