July Test Day: Suspension Testing

We brought the bug out to Colorado Offroad Extreme for another test day this weekend and what a day it was. With some lessons learned from our previous suspension test day we had gone back to the drawing board and made some adjustments. Wow, the car is so much better than it has been previously. The new springs, the shock adjustments, preload adjustments… all of it is starting to really come together. We intentionally were pushing the car pretty hard in some areas, especially earlier in the day and some of the really rough hits on the Motocross course at CORE used all of the suspension. Had we run the car like that previously we probably would all have to make use of our health insurance.

By the end of the day we had learned that the springs were just about perfect however we believe a little more Rebound needs to be added to the rear shocks. This provided enough info for us to know that we can start our fuel cell project and do the shock fine tuning very soon…


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