Way back when, in 2012 when we were welding in our King Kong, we decided we should re-evaluate how our transmission mounts. We had the option of welding the stock transmission mounts back in and using the 3 bolt nose cone to attach to the car, we also had a few options on the market for a solid trans mount then we had some inspiration from Kenyon Whetsell who designed a machined aluminum mount for his car. Now, we don’t have the mill and didn’t want to pay a job shop that much money to machine us a few mounts so… we decided to flat pack the design to make it more cost effective, then we poured some urethane bushings and we went racing.

I think the design really holds up since we were able to press out poured in urethane and simply reuse the mount and the inner stainless tube with no modifications or replacements.

Overall these mounts held up great. However the Urethane took a beating and it was time to sort out the best replacement. So after some discussions we ended up on UHMWPE… which, for us normal humans that don’t just happen to know what all those letters mean… Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene.

So, we got some UHMWPE and headed over to a friends house to use his lathe.

This stuff machines in a very interesting way. You tend to need to make a pass and remove a bunch of tangled up plastic before your next pass. But we ended up with a nice result

Not only should these be good bushings for the trans mount, but they should also be very durable and hold up well. We will make a set for our second trans mount soon as well.

Another piece to the Baja puzzle is complete but we still have quite a few to go!