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Volkswagen is known for dominating Red Bull Global Rallycross, with the Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross Team’s highly modified Beetles winning both the driver and manufacturer championships for the past three years. On Monday Volkswagen announced its sponsorship of a rather different kind of dirt racing Beetle, the 1970 Class 11 car of Josh McGuckin and for this year’s running of the Baja 1000.

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2 thoughts on “The Drive: Volkswagen Sponsors 1970 Beetle in Baja 1000

  1. Enhorabuena por el proyecto!!!. Soy de Uruguay, fanático del beetle desde pequeño, es más, tengo uno del año 76, 1300 cc., 1 carburador.
    Quisiera participar en alguna competencia, tengo experiencia en pista,pero no así en Rally. Qué posibilidades tendría? ?. Gracias! y desde estas tierras les mando un AbZo grande

    1. Hello Pablo! Thank you for following along! We love helping people get started in racing. Unfortunately I don’t know what the racing scene in Uraguay includes. Rally racing is a great way to get started the dirt and Rally Cross racing is a fairly easy way to try it all out. If you have never seen Top Gear check out this episode (hopefully the link works in your country)

      I always say, get started slow, get a car that you want to build into a race car over time. Start with RallyCross or AutoCross, and start adding, building and developing the car into the race car you want it to be. You will build your skills as you learn about the development of the car. Over time you will be a better driver, you will learn a lot about your car and the car will develop into a really strong race car! The Beetle is a great little platform and gives you a lot of options, but like our car, the first version of your build will not be the best. Keep researching, keep building and keep going, it will get even better every day.

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