Larry Hall was one of our “old-timers” on chase. He has extensive experience in racing VWs in class 1600, both in the States and in Mexico. He’s lived in Mexico for nearly 20 years, exploring roads beyond the race course, all without a GPS.

Since he is used to relying on paper maps and his memory, Larry speaks in land marks, not mile markers. Overheard while talking to the Wilson brothers about their first section of race course: “When you get to the giant cactus the course will make a hard right and after that it’s a fast and straight road.”

(Emme’s note: I’m pretty sure Matt Wilson confirmed this land mark later)

Even though Larry has raced and chased in many Baja 1000s, none were with Class 11. While he says he never thought he’d be sitting at the finish line, waiting for Class 11, we were all certainly glad he was there.

We asked Larry, what did you think?! What was your thoughts on this adventure. His response was short and sweet.

“I would like to say that after racing and being with many many chase crews, all of the members of “Project Baja” were awesome. The cooperation, helpfulness and JFF attitude was quite refreshing and made this a great experience for me. I have had many highs and lows in Baja 1000 races, but seeing that bug under the banner was a “bucket list” high for me. Thank you for letting Emme and I be a part of this adventure.”

Larry Hall

Larry chased the whole race in his Chevy Colorado. The truck was mighty capable running Total Chaos suspension and was very helpful rescuing little Tope when we had a charging issue.