The final weeks of preparing for a race like the Baja 1000 involves a few big things but typically a million little things. Lets start with the big things… Like Repainting the whole car!

In addition to that we have been working on the vent system for our fuel cell. We use a Discriminator valve in order to be consistent with BITD rules, but we also loop the vent line around the fuel cell to be in compliance with SCORE rules. All this extra hose really has caused some bottle necks in the past so we have reworked all our vent lines so fuel filling takes less time.

We also have a ton of little projects, the things that take a few minutes that together take a few days. Where do you put your spare parts, where do you put some extra zip ties, checking over your tool kits, making sure that jack handle doesn’t rattle out. We also rebuilt our Transmission mounts so they have new bushings and discovered we didn’t have any more spare spacers for our rear shocks. Of Course it is too late to order those so we hopped on the lathe and made those too.

The final pieces are in place and we only have a few more things to get in order this week before we leave. Check back for more updates soon!