We had a great time talking Volkswagen with Jason. Man that guy knows his stuff and really appreciated all the little odds and ends that we had to deal with to build up this car to the solid state that it is in now!

I know that the formula that usually works best for a Jason Drives episode is to cram myself into something tiny, obscure, ill-conceived, a bit dangerous, and very uncomfortable. I mean, who doesn’t want to see me struggle and hurt a little? This week is different. This week is the finale, so I’m treating myself. I’m driving a car I genuinely, unashamedly love, a real Class 11 desert racing Beetle.

I drove the Beetle in Barstow a couple of months ago, and since that happened, the team that built and runs this car, Project Baja, has taken the Beetle to the legendary Baja 1000 race and, even better, finished. The Baja 1000 may be the most brutal, punishing automotive race in the world, and this little 1970 Volkswagen Beetle managed to finish the whole thing.