Yes, I know, we are a bit behind on our webisodes, but I can assure you that we will catch up really quick! This webisode was shot late summer by CondorCam and we are looking forward to working with them again soon. Check out the […]

Recently I stopped on in to Rock Barbers and gave an update as they trimmed up my hair. You know what I realized? Well, I should probably tell everyone on our website too! Since we’ve been having a bit of trouble with our website security […]

My Life at Speed has another post covering our build. We’re pretty excited to have them on board with our project, it gives us a little bit more exposure and makes for some interesting reading for their readers. Well, at least we think so! Check […]

We’d like to welcome Nectar Labs to our project! Nectar designs and fabricates parts for Baja VW’s. They have kits for everything, hook and rod stops, kits to box in swing arms, bushing kits and much more. Nectar is supplying us with lots of parts […]

Yeah, it’s just a little bug, but it still gets the King Kong treatment! When you build a class 11 you have to modify the suspension in a certain way. That certain way means that you really can only do a bit, no massive upgrades, […]

We have been very fortunate with our entry into Baja racing. The community has been just incredible and we could not be happier with the people who have come out and offered us a helping hand. From the beginning Class 11 teams have contacted us […]

Welcome to the project Rock Barbers! We have just added Rock Barbers to our project as a supporter of our car. Rock barbers is a barbershop in Louisville Colorado. They specialize in Mens haircuts and cater to guys in general. Beer is on tap, a […]

Yeah, we know you are asking yourself, “Where’d these guys come from?” and “they have no idea what they are getting into.” A lot of this can be found out from our individual bio’s but in general lets give you an idea of what we […]