During the moments of insanity when things were looking bleak then suddenly we got the Dingo’s car back on the road. One of our team members stayed behind. Wow, how lonely… But he is a productive guy and at one moment just as we received […]

Our build has been a bit tough to define recently. One of the things we learned is that we should have really started ordering parts earlier. We assumed that we would be able to just buy those parts as we needed them and unfortunately it […]

There is a saying, If it wasn’t for the last minute nothing would ever get done! Well, it is always incredible how you can pack so much into those last minutes. So what all have we been packing into the last few minutes? Well lets […]

It only took two cyclists to create modern aviation, you’d think that 4 of us would be able to build a car a bit quicker right? We have a ton to do, but of course, in the laws of nature and the ways of the […]

When summer rolls around we are all busy. Add on all the other things that ramp up to our build and we are a bunch of bleary eyed guys running around trying to fix everything. However with that being said, we are making progress, and […]

There are few things more disappointing than having to redo something that you thought you had already finished. We are fairly used to it on smaller scale items however. When we do something we often will go through several ideas before we discover the best […]