Josh’s adventure with the team began in 2008 when he Jeremiah and Matt Fisher decided to build a car for the Red Bull Soapbox Race. After two seasons of racing and two soapbox cars were constructed in under 2 months each (Team Save Ferris & Team Speed Racer), the team learned a lot about working together and in addition the two vehicles ended up in the Forney Museum of Transportation where they can be viewed next to many other pieces of automotive history.
After the team finished it’s second build the desire to build a vehicle with an actual engine started to show and Project baja was born. Over the years the team has created a nice list of people to join us in our quest and many of these people have stepped up to participate in this project full time.
Josh is a jack of all trades. His background includes Project Management, Photography, Marketing, Videography, creative problem solving and general tinkering when a new idea pops up. He is curious to learn new things and tends to figure out a lot of the solutions to metal working problems that we end up having.
His racing background includes Kart racing, Ice racing, Rally Co-Driving (including the Pikes Peak Hill Climb), RallyX racing and more. He campaigns his own 1995 BMW 318ti in local and national RallyX competition. He also spends whatever spare time he can restoring and making parts for other cars as well.

You can see plenty of Josh’s projects at his website as well: