Matt has been interested in going fast for a long time.  Not in a crazy out of control adrenalin junky kinda way, but in an “I can do that and it might look like I am crazy, but I’m really not” kinda way. Matt is a recently retired professional downhill mountain bike driver.  So, controlling the seemingly uncontrollable comes somewhat naturally to him now. Driving 4 wheels seemed like the next logical progression.  First soap box style flying position driving. Next, dirt scooting in a VW bug… Logical.

He still spends a lot of time on his bikes, honing his skills and because it is fun!  Other activities include racing cars on ice, getting in any rally car that will have him and hitting the go karts as often as possible.
His educational background consists of a degree in creative advertising from CU Boulder, a solid helping of industrial design from Metro in Denver and a pile of “yeah I can do that” trial and error experience.


Born: Friday June 13th
Height: 6’+
Ethnicity: Daywalker (Dark ginger kid).
Home Town: Boulder, CO
Drive: 2016 Subaru WRX – replica Ferrari 250 gt – The Mach 5
He doesn’t have: cable TV, he does have: 9+ bikes
Known for: Doing what others only talk about

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  1. The grammar is gooder than I expectorated…
    Beware this time, you bike riders and soap box drivers, of CO.

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